44. Directive: Success. My mind wanders about Barbie’s Resume.

Barbie Resume

Dang, look how intensive Barbie’s resume is. And I am pretty sure there is a lot more to it.

When I think of success, I think of a resume. A resume is a representation of yourself and I have the connotation that you must be pretty successful if you have a bunch of things to put on it (I know there is a quality vs quantity type of thing that goes into resumes, but at first glance, a long resume seems pretty impressive). Barbie has been around for about 53 years. We all know she had a bajillion careers, but what exactly are they? What has she done for the past 53 years?
I created this resume to dispute all the negative projections of Barbie. They say she’s a bad role model, she’s too skinny, she’s too this, too that. But overall, I love what Barbie can do. She can be a role model for kids. She can teach little girls, it’s okay to be whatever you want. You can do whatever you want and not be judged for it. Little things like that can be the impetus for  a young girl to pursue her dreams and goals.

I decided I wanted to post this around campus for fun!

Barbie flyer

This is at the bulletin board at Temple (near the water fountains)


Barbie picture – http://blog.compete.com/2012/10/12/traditional-retailers-are-barbie-shoppers-dream-house/

Information from: Barbiemedia.com


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